Example of an MLA Citation for an Anthology With an Editor

Using MLA Citation correctly can make a huge difference in the grade you receive for a paper. Sometimes complicated situations arise, such as citing an anthology, a collection of work by multiple authors. A simple template can be followed to ensure proper citation.

MLA Citation Format

When citing an anthology, start by naming the editor or editors. Insert a comma and "ed" or "eds" (if there are multiple editors), which is short for "edited by." Follow editor information with the anthology's title, then the city of publication, publisher, year of publication and medium of publication. The medium of publication refers to how the book was published, such as print.

Separate editor information, title, and publication information with periods, placing a colon between city and publisher and a comma between publisher and year. Include edition information (unless it is the first edition) after the title.

Last Name, First Name, ed. Title. City: Publisher, Year. Medium.

MLA Citation Example

The Norton Anthology of Poetry is used here as an example:

Ferguson, Margaret, Salter, Mary Jo, and Stallworthy, Jon, eds. The Norton Anthology of Poetry. 5th ed. New York: WW Norton, 2004. Print.

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