What Is the Extended Metaphor in "Love Is a Battlefield?"

A metaphor​ ​compares two unlike things using the connecting word "is" rather than using "as" or "like," as in a simile.​ This ​figurative device​ often is used in poems ​to create vivid imagery.​ However, it ​may be used in any kind of writing, from novels to songs.​ In the song ​"Love Is a Battlefield"​ by Pat Benatar, ​love is compared to a war zone.

Love and War

In the song, ​love is compared to a battleground.​ The lovers in the song are described as not backing down from the fight, just like many soldiers don't desert their posts. They hurt each other, and they chain each other. While this is not supposed to happen in reality to prisoners, the date of the song and the songwriter's imagination must be taken into account as she compares the lovers' relationship to an involuntary bond. The singer says that if her lover surrenders, he'll need her "to hold," evoking imagery of a loved one providing mental solace to an injured soldier.

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