How to Find a Book Club in Your Area

If you love books, it makes perfect sense that you'd want to share this love with other people. Finding a book club nearby means that you can connect with others who are also reading Oprah's suggested books or that love mystery books as much as you do.

Decide what type of books you'd like to read. This is a very important step in selecting a book club. Most book clubs have some type of theme or specific type of book that they read. Deciding on exactly what type of books you'd like to read will help you choose the book club to join.

Call your local library and see if they have any book clubs. Many libraries host book clubs and often this can be an excellent first place to begin your search. Even if your local library does not have a book club -- they certainly know a lot about book lovers, so they may know about book clubs in your area!

Contact groups that you already belong to and see if they have started a book club. Many professional and hobby associations have book clubs as part of their membership. Quite often members want to gather to read books of interest and talk about them. This can be an excellent way to find a book club about a topic you are passionate about.

Look just a bit farther than your local area. If you are willing to travel at least ten miles, you are opening up more opportunities to find a great book club. This means there are more libraries and groups available to you for you to contact. Don't limit yourself to just what is in front of your nose!

Ask each book club you speak to if they are accepting new members. Not every book club is, so it is very helpful to gather information about at least several book clubs that interest you. This means that even if one book club says, "No thank you," you still have two or three others that sound interesting.


Be open to the idea of starting a book club in your area. Quite often others will be thrilled to learn a new science fiction, romance or chick lit book club exists and you'll have members before you know it!


Most book clubs do not meet during the summer. Even when members don't have children, they seem to follow the school calendar and take July and August off.


You can either buy the books or take them out of the library for your bookclub.

Some book clubs for groups or associations are limited only to members of those organizations. You will need to keep an active membership to be a book club member.

Remember that a book club group is a social discussion about the book and that people often have differing viewpoints. Don't take people's thoughts personally, and enjoy the discussion!