How to Format Interview Questions Using APA Format

Updated July 21, 2017

Personal Interviews

Immediately after the interview information in text, include the respondent's first initial and last name, the phrase "personal communication" and the full date of the interview in parenthesis. For example: (L. Johnson, personal communication, July 1, 2010). Because the interview is a personal communication, APA guidelines do not require the source to appear on the reference page.

Archived Interviews

For interviews that are found in a collection -- such as an archive -- list the interviewee's last name and the year of the interview in parenthesis immediately after the in-text interview information. For interviews that are found in a printed source -- such as a periodical -- list the interviewee's last name, the year of the interview and the corresponding page number in parenthesis immediately after in-text quotations of interview information.
For example: (Michaels, 2013, p. 12).

Reference Page

Printed interview sources must appear on the reference page. Double-space all references and use hanging indentation. Include the author's last name and first initial, date of interview, title of interview, title of source, volume and number of source and corresponding page numbers. For example: Michaels, J. (2013). Highway to health. Shape (italicized), 32(10), 11-16.

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