How to Format References in APA Style

APA citation style is the format required by the American Psychological Association for research papers. The APA requires both in-text citation and a reference list, with any in-text citation fully cited in the reference list.

The in-text citation should include author name and date of publication, with the information included in the sentence or put in parenthesis immediately after the mention.

How to Format References in APA Style

Begin the references page on a new page, at the end of the paper. Center the word "References" at the top of the page.

Use a hanging indent, spacing in one-half inch for each entry's second and subsequent line.

Alphabetize the reference list by authors' last names. For works with more than one author, use the first author listed.

Capitalize all major words in a journal title, but with book, article, web pages, capitalize only the the first letter of the first word of the title, or subtitle or the word following a colon or dash and any proper nouns.

Italicize words in longer works such as books and journals, and do not italicize shorter works like articles and essays.

List works by the same author by year of publication as separate entries.

Format all references as follows: Last name, First name. (Year of publication) Title. Publication. Pages.