How to Give a Briefing

Man giving presentation to co-workers

Briefings are common in many organizations, including law enforcement, nonprofits and the military. Their purpose is to present information on a single topic in a clear, informative and concise manner. A military leader might hold a briefing to inform the public during a national crisis, while a police chief might give updates in a criminal investigation. Briefings are typically tailored to a specific audience, and they are relatively brief -- hence the term -- usually lasting from two to 10 minutes. Proper preparation can ensure an effective and successful presentation.

Stay on Point

Keep the information clear, accurate and to the point. Include only information, statistics and facts directly related to your issue, and avoid going into overly specific details or related topics. Ensure that all facts and evidence to support your point come from accurate and reliable sources. A police sergeant updating the public about a crime, for example, might describe the status of suspects and victims. Present relevant facts or information regarding the situation and field any questions from the media.

Presentation Skills

Give information in a clear, concise manner, and use visual aids, such as charts and graphs, if necessary, to emphasize your point. Speak clearly and at an adequate volume, maintain positive body language and make eye contact with audience members when speaking. Stay within your allotted time frame and be prepared to answer questions afterward.