How to Build a Press Clipping Binder

Updated July 12, 2018

Whether you're the author or the subject of news articles, press clippings with your name on are noteworthy. Keeping copies of your press clippings documents your achievements for future job searches or just for posterity. The best way to collect press clippings is by building a binder. Read on to learn more.

Clip carefully. Be sure when you clip your articles that the date and name of the publication stay attached. Having this information authenticates the article and makes it easier to obtain another copy from the library in the future. If you can't include the date and publication in your clipping, be sure to write them in the white space on the edge of the clipping.

Obtain a binder. You'll need a large three-ring binder with clear binder pockets to protect your press clippings. Put each clipping in a clear binder pocket and clip it into the binder. Be sure to arrange the clippings in chronological order.

Divide the binder. If you have a large number of press clippings and expect to add more, you may want to divide your binder into sections with tabs. Divide the clippings either according to what publication they were published in or by subject matter.

Scan for backup. Once you have all your current clippings divided and organized in the binder, it's a good idea to scan them and create an electronic file. With all of your press clippings scanned into an electronic file and either stored on your hard drive or burned to a disc, you can easily distribute them to prospective employers or adoring fans.

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