How to Write and Publish Children's Books

Updated July 12, 2018

Many of us enjoy reading children's stories. Some have the talent and the passion to write children's books but don't know how to get started. The road from inspiration to publication is a long haul, but it can be accomplished with persistence and learning how to overcome the obstacles.

Get inspired. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so once you've got it, start writing. Some writers prefer to use an outline to begin their book while others write the story in their head as they go along.

Write what you know. If the question of what to write is bouncing around in your head, start with the knowledge you already have. You're likely to write a good story about something you have experienced first-hand.

Revise your manuscript. Self-edit your work and read it again a second and third time. Then give it to a co-writer for another opinion. Leave it alone for a few days and then look it over once more before submitting in.

Learn how to write a stellar cover letter to a publishing company. Take a class in writing or join a writer's group and get pointers. The cover letter could be the deciding factor in whether your manuscript is read or rejected.

Research thoroughly if you submit your book idea on your own. Read the submission guidelines to learn what the publisher is accepting. An editor doesn't want a manuscript on mystery if they only take Christian picture books.

Get an agent. Some writers contact a literary agent to evaluate their manuscript. If it is publish worthy, the agent will take the manuscript to a publisher to present your idea. Problem is, if you're an unknown author the agent might not look over your idea or the publisher could reject it.

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