How to Write a Designer Biography

If you plan to write a designer's biography, you need specific techniques to write a phenomenal piece of work. Designers can be very picky about their designs and themselves. They want to appear amazingly talented in their biography, which provides a history of their current and past career and life experiences. Learn how you can write a designer's biography to satisfy the designer with your final piece.

Start by asking the designer to provide you with all of the details of her career in the design industry. Whether she specializes in buildings or clothing, you will still need to give some background information in the biography such as previous employment, career moves and even family life.

Ask your designer if he has any specific life experiences or self-growth experiences to share in the biography. Some designers have a rich history of inspiration for their art, which is worth mentioning in a biography. They might have a story of inspiration dating back to their childhood. For example, a designer might have a story of poverty and it drove him to become a success.

Interview your designer and ask her where she was born and raised. Ask the designer about which past jobs have contributed to her success. Make sure you find out as many details as possible about her creations and product line. Ask to see the products she has created so you will have inspiration for the biography.

Talk to people close to the designer, such as family, friends or business associates, if possible. These people can offer some insight about the designer as a person and want makes him tick. They can also provide additional stories or anecdotes.

Write down any feelings you have about their product line whether it is furniture or clothing. Ask the designer what inspired them for specific pieces that catch your eye and if each design represents a story.

Start drafting the biography and merging all of the information you obtained from the designer. Make sure to refer to their past, their inspirations and what made them the designer they are today.