How to Find Ghostwriting Jobs

Updated July 12, 2018

In today's modern world, there is more of a need for ghostwriters than ever before. Unfortunately, most people think of ghostwriting as a way to get around writing your own work. While this is somewhat true, many of today's ghostwriters are also published authors. This article will show you how to find ghostwriting work.

Do your research. Quickly you will see that ghostwriting is not just limited to a novel or other book. It can be in the form of short stories, articles, and even web page content.

Be able to write effectively. This is really important. If you have trouble with sentence structure, grammar, spelling, or punctuation, you might consider taking a refresher course.

You can find several websites online that are dedicated to helping ghostwriters find work and to helping those how have work find ghostwriters. Many of this work similar to an online auction site. Ghostwriters bid on projects and the buyers will choose whom they feel is best suited for the work. Elance and Guru are two notable places for ghostwriters to find work. You can find links to these places in the Resources section below.

Check your local classifieds. You can often find people who are looking for writers advertising here. Be sure to check the online advertisers as well, as many websites will state openings for ghostwriters or freelancers right on the website.

Check with your local library. Many times the librarians will know of some employment opportunities for writers.

When freelancing, check with your past employers for any possible leads for ghostwriting work. You will also need recommendations, so this can be beneficial as well.

You will need to put together samples of your writing ability. Be sure these are the best you have to offer. Proofread each carefully and correct any mistakes. If you are able to, write on different subject matter. This way you'll be able to offer samples based upon the field that buyer needs.

Invest in a computer, if you do not already have one. Not only will this make it easier to for you to locate work, you will also have access to word processing programs, spell checkers, and other tools to make writing easier for you. If you are using ghostwriting or freelancing as a full-time job, you can write off your computer as a tax deduction in most cases.

Do not copy material from other sites. This is imperative to the quality of the work your turn in. There are many programs available to see if your writing work is original and most buyers use them regularly, especially Copyscape. In fact, you may even want to use Copyscape (link provided below) yourself to check your writing before turning it in to your client.

Be patient. It takes time to break into the freelance world of writing. You will need to get your name out there and have some good feedback, as well. However, there is a very large market right now for ghostwriters and other freelancers. So jump in and see what you can find.


Start out writing on subjects that you are most comfortable with. It will make getting used to writing easier and more enjoyable for you.


Avoid ghostwriting scams. Also make sure your writing is original so you are not dubbed a scam writer yourself.

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