How to Get Rid of Burps

Updated July 12, 2018

Burping is a natural part of digestion, and can be accompanied by bloating and gas. You can't stop burping altogether, however. It's your body working to rid itself of excess air, either from the foods you eat, the speed at which you've eaten or due to air swallowed managing an upset stomach. Manage the amount of air you take in to minimize the amount of air you need to expel by burping.

Avoid the behaviors that draw in additional air. Burping is caused by gas in the stomach escaping through the esophagus. You draw air in when you breathe, eat or exercise. Certain behaviors draw in additional air and cause excessive gas to build up in the stomach. Chewing gum, eating and drinking too fast, drinking through a straw and even smoking are all behaviors that draw in additional air into our stomachs. Avoid these or keep them to a minimum.

Avoid gas-creating foods. Carbonated beverages cause excessive gas to enter your stomach and cause you to get a case of the burps. Great for burp contests, probably not so great if you're out on a date. Stick to water or other non-carbonated beverages if you don't want to be burping the rest of the night.

Manage medical conditions. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (or GERD), a hiatal hernia and other medical conditions can increase burping episodes. Most of these conditions can be easily treated with medications. If you feel that you have excessive belching, see your doctor for help and advice.

Check any fixtures in your mouth. Dentures that don't fit properly, retainers that cause you to swallow often and other items in your mouth add to the air you ingest, causing burps to occur.

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