How to Write a Short Biography for a Photographer

Things You'll Need

  • Photos
  • Pen
  • Paper

Add a short biography to your advertising and promotional material to give your work a new level of credibility and professionalism. It will also add an element of familiarity to your image. People will always associate your photography with you and your name. Building a thriving business is all about establishing a good brand.


Start with a great photo. As a photographer, your photo is just one more way to represent your brand. People will relate to you more personally if they know what you look like.

Begin your bio by introducing yourself. It's best to write in third person. An example: "Jane Doe is a freelance photographer" (not "My name is Jane Doe").

Include your educational background. It adds to your credibility and shows a dedication to your craft. Keep it short, with just a few facts like when you graduated and from where.

Talk about any awards or recognition you have earned in your career. People want to know if you're a high achiever in your field.

Begin a new paragraph and let your audience in on a favorite experience you've had in your career or something unique you've had the privilege of photographing.

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