How to Write a Response Paper to a Speech


When writing a response speech, be sure to write in a fair manner and without belittling the speechmaker. It's also important to start out the response with the things you appreciated about the speech such as content, style, tone, etc. You should also do some additional research on both the speechmaker and her topic in order to write a well-balanced response.

Point out weaknesses and strengths of the speech. For example, if the speechmaker said that one reason for the failure of standardized tests is the lack of qualifications by some teachers, state in your response that while this is true in some cases, there is also a lack of parental involvement in students' lives which causes the students to lack motivation, which in turn leads to poor test scores.

Mention what other experts have said on the topic. If you're responding to a speech where the speaker discussed the importance of financial remittances by immigrants to the families in their home countries and how this contributes to the countries' economies, talk about what scholars and policy makers have said about it. Also compare what they said with what the speaker mentioned in the speech.

Disagree in a fair manner. Don't belittle the speaker's character or totally dismiss his statements without closely examining the arguments. Maybe the speaker has some valid points and you may be letting your personal opinions get in the way of seeing them.

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