How to Write a Mystery Shopper Report


The mystery shopper program pays individuals to go to a store or restaurant and evaluate the facility on several key performance areas, including cleanliness, how helpful the staff is, whether you found what you were looking for and the quickness of the service. Once the shop has been completed, the mystery shopper needs to write out a shopper report. The overall look of the article doesn't matter. However, there are several key points to follow while recording the information.

Follow the "Yes" and "No" answers you wrote out on the report (there is a tally sheet where you mark yes or no for the different tasks provided). The article needs to back up the "Yes" and "No" marks you gave and specify why you gave those answers.

Include all the details you can remember. You are not allowed to take notes while performing the shop (this gives you away) so remember everything you can and include the information in the reports. The more information provided, the more helpful the article proves to be.

Do not refer to yourself in the report. State what occurred during the shop, not what you did. The reviewer is not interested in you, only what took place during the review.

Include all the positives you experienced, such as the wait staff being friendly, quick service or someone going beyond the call of duty to help you.