How to Write a Leadership Speech


Inspiration comes from an example of someone achieving something extraordinary. You can inspire a group in a speech by using this example. Moving words delivered with confidence and passion can persuade people to be leaders. You can prepare a dynamic leadership speech that will long be remembered even if public speaking is new to you or if you are a speechwriter and the speech will be delivered by someone else. All it takes is preparation and practice.

Know your group and the forum in which the speech you will be delivered so you an tailor your words appropriately. For example, you might want to include more contemporary references if the speech is delivered to a younger audience or industry buzz words if speaking to business executives. Ideally you want to establish an immediate rapport with the listeners.

Research an individual that has overcome a personal hardship or has struggled to achieve something in their profession. The person does not have to be in the headlines. Telling the story of unknown can be as powerful.

Write the speech as if you were having a conversation with a friend and avoid preaching or exhorting. You want the audience to feel as if they are being elevated.

Repeat a phrase and intersperse it throughout the speech. If the audience takes one motivational phrase away from the speech you have accomplished your task.

Say the words you write aloud. If sentences seem awkward, shorten them. The speech should flow naturally.


Less is best. Meandering speeches are forgettable.