How to Write a Video Proposal


Writing a proposal for a video is the first step in finding a customer for your production. Video proposals take a lot of consideration, as you want your proposal to be both clear and persuasive. Learning how to write a video proposal can help make yours a success.

Write a three-sentence statement summarizing the central point of your video.

Write a short paragraph about your intended audience. Future employees, a certain class of students, or a demographic audience, for example. Include what you want your audience to get from the video.

Write subheads for the important plot points or sections, events, basic facts or lessons that you wish to convey.

Include a short paragraph for each section of your video. If you are doing a story, for example, you will include the scene or a summary of what is happening in each plot point. For an instructional video, you will explain the facts to be conveyed and why they are important.

Write a conclusion. This can be how your story will end for the characters involved, or how your instructional or educational video will wrap up. Keep it short, and stick to the most important facts.

Make a new page laying out a budget and identifying things you will need for your video. This includes any actors, types of equipment or where you intend to shoot the video, as well as a rough estimate of what it will cost. You can even include cost cutting ideas to further entice potential customers.

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