How to Write a Report on IEEE Standards


IEEE standards, promulgated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, are created by group collaboration and consensus for a concept or idea to be standardized. Writing a report based on IEEE standards ensures papers are written in a consistent format that is universally understood. Standards are for the exchange of information, technical knowledge and research among professional technologists. The standards are meant to ensure that various products are developed through a process that provides for products that are interoperable, useful and safe.

Write a paper about IEEE standards using IEEE writing standards. Create a title that is concise and to the point. Create an abstract of the paper. An abstract contains a brief description of the problem, the solution, and conclusions; do not include references.

Create an introduction that includes the history of IEEE standards, why they were adopted and what could be done to improve them. Include references.

Propose a brief solution and include an explanation of how it differs from other solutions. In the last paragraph of the proposal, summarize what will be addressed in the rest of the paper.

Describe the proposed model and state any model assumptions clearly; they should demonstrate a real-world situation. Include figures to help explain the model. Place the figures either in the text after referred to or at the end of the paper. Summarize a resolution and provide a description of any future research.

Include references for all papers referred to in the paper. Include an appendix for secondary material that is essential for understanding the paper, such as mathematical proofs or case studies.

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