How to Send a Manuscript to a Disney Publisher


Sending a manuscript to any publisher, including Disney and its subsidiaries, is challenging but certainly not impossible. First a writer needs a solid manuscript and query letter writing skills to land a literary agent. Major publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts from writers and prefer to work directly with agents. You can find agents online or at conferences and network with those specializing in children's books or Disney properties.

Research literary agents specializing in children's books and connections with Disney and its affiliates. Most major publishers, including Disney, do not accept unsolicited manuscripts and work only with literary agents. Publishers Marketplace is an excellent resource to find literary agents.

Study a literary agent's website and determine how the agent prefers to be pitched. The agent may want to read the entire manuscript or a few sample chapters. He may want to know your qualifications and experience in writing the manuscript.

Learn to write a professional query letter when pitching a literary agent. offers subscribers a "How To Pitch" section to learn the ins and outs of pitching publishers and literary agents.

Attend literary agent and publishing conferences or events. Network with as many industry professionals as possible, and bring along copies of your manuscript. You can find information on upcoming conferences at Create business cards and leave one with every agent you meet.

After you secure a literary agent, speak to her about your long-term goals with Disney. Ask about her connections and ability to place your work with Disney.

Become a fan of Disney Books on Facebook ( in case writing contests or fellowships are announced. Keep an eye out for news and updates on recently released books to study trends.

Develop a professional-looking blog and work to build an audience for the topic of your manuscript. Make your intentions to land a publishing deal with Disney public knowledge. Major publishers are always interested in a writer with a large fan base who can convert book sales.


Landing a literary agent is extremely competitive. Keep sending out new query letters and find new ways to network.

Never pay a literary agent or publisher to read your manuscript. Reputable literary agents read manuscripts for free.

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