How to Cite a Reference if the Author Is a MD

Authors with a title of MD (medical doctor) are listed only by their name in a reference. MLA style, developed by the Modern Language Association, and APA style, created by the American Psychological Association, both do not use an author’s title in an in-text citation or in a reference list citation. The author’s name is the only part listed. APA style is used in business, nursing and social sciences papers while MLA is used for humanities essays.

Do not use an MD title with an in-text citation for MLA or APA format. Both use only the author’s last name. APA also includes the date of publication and MLA includes the page number referenced. The MD degree is left out of the citation completely.

Leave out the title for MLA format. MLA does not use titles for citations, only the author’s name in works cited listings. You will need to use the author’s full name, just not the title.

Remove the MD title in APA format for a reference list citation. APA style uses the author’s last name and first initials but not the title.


For APA and MLA papers, you can put the author’s MD title in paper’s text if absolutely necessary or required by your professor.

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