How to Include an Addendum in a Table of Contents

An addendum is also known as an appendix, which is an addition to your document. It is important to include these additions to the table of contents because this will make your table of contents more complete and easier for your reader to navigate. Though you can add this by simply typing it into the table of contents yourself, word processing programs such as Microsoft Word can include these additions easily to your document through simple formatting options, which instantly create these tools for you.

Format your outline of chapter headings and appendix headings. Once you include the additions to your document, highlight the title of your appendix and open up your formatting menu. Select Bullets and Numbering, then click on the tab for Outline Numbered. This allows you format your chapter headings and customize your appendix headings.

Customize and number your appendix headings. Select Level 7 for Heading 7, which is your appendix heading. From here select either Roman Numerals, letters or numbers to set up your appendix. Make sure that the Start At feature starts at the beginning of your designated number for your appendix, whether it be an "A," a "1" or "I". Click OK.

Format your appendix pages with different numbers than your main document. Click the page with your first appendix title and open up your View menu. Open up the Header/Footer option and decide where you wish to place the number of the page. To differentiate your appendix section from the previous section, click on Link to Previous, which breaks the connection between the two sections. In older versions of Word, it might be Same as Previous.

Number your appendix pages. If a number does not appear in the header/footer, click on Insert Number. Click on Format Page Number, and select the Include chapter number check box. Make sure the Chapter starts with style option is set to Header 7, which is your appendix heading. Set up the page number to start and repeat as necessary for each appendix, then click close.

Click in the document where you wish to insert your table of contents. In the Insert menu, select Table of Contents. Newer versions of Word might have this listed under Reference in the Insert menu. Click Options. In the Available styles list, click on TOC level 1 just to the left of Heading 7. Make sure the Outline levels check box is cleared and click OK, then click OK again in the Index and Tables dialog box.

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