How to Include Bibliographic Information in a Book Report

Updated July 12, 2018

Bibliographic information is a vital part of a book report. It helps the reader locate the information you reference in your paper and it protects you from potential plagiarism charges. However, the most obvious reason for including bibliographic information in your book report is that it identifies the subject you are discussing in your work.

Ask your teacher for a required or preferred reference system before you start writing your book report. There are several ways to cite your source information and it's likely your instructor wants you to use a specific style. See Additional Resources for examples of reference systems.

Create notes that contain the information you want to reference from the book. For example, write down quotations and meaningful passages that you want to use for support or for bringing a significant point to the reader's attention. Be sure to record the page numbers to help identify the location of the material.

Provide the title of the book, the author's name, publication information and the amount of pages the book contains in the introduction of your paper. Again, your teacher may only require that you cite the full title and name of the author in your introduction, so you want to follow the instructions given by your instructor.

Use the style indicated by your teacher to show the location of your source as you cite quotations or identify a significant passage in your book report. A footnote is an example of a style used to show the reader where to find information.

Make a bibliography if required. This is a list of sources cited in your paper.

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