Ideas for Award Ceremony Scripts

Business people at tribune in conference room

An awards ceremony is a time for celebration. Be it a celebration of the successes of a particular group of people or a single individual, or the success of a company or group, always make the speech you give as unique and personal as you can to engage your audience. Use memories the majority of people recall or jokes many people will relate to and laugh about.

Know Your Audience

Whether you know the individuals for whom you are doing a script and speech or you are there to be an inspirational speaker, craft your script to be one that is understandable to those whom you are addressing. For example, if you are speaking to individuals who have hit their sales goal in television advertising, be sure to pepper your script with anecdotes of television-advertising sales challenges, such as a decrease in advertising sales but being able to navigate their ways around it to go above their sales goals. Show the strengths of those being awarded.

Tell a Story

A speech can be fact-based with a script that goes along with a PowerPoint presentation or it can have a script that is loosely written since much of your talk will be dependent on the audience’s reaction. To engage an audience, consider a script that tells a story. Perhaps the story can begin with the history of the organization that is recognizing the individuals at the ceremony, then weave the individuals' histories and contributions to making the organization better. Introductions that award the organization, company and individual show the employees play significant roles in the company or organization’s success and are recognized for doing so.

Interactive Speech

An interactive speech with a script that runs with it can be fun, but takes time to prepare. To do this, prepare envelopes to give away small prizes to those who have attended the speech but are not recognized. This helps keep people interested in the event. During your script writing, incorporate the mini-prize giveaways in the speech.

All-Encompassing Speech Script

Unrecognized individuals of the company or organization often attend awards ceremonies, and while they may not be honored that night, they played roles in the success of the company. A speech talking about this may be tricky. Draw attention to the company as a whole without making it seem as though you are neglecting those not being recognized that night. The best way to do this is to begin the speech script with notes on how the company or organization has done well, then continue on to the individuals toward the end of the speech. This works well because people usually remember what they hear last, so it will seem as though you merely mentioned the company and all of its employees before zeroing in on those who have achieved.

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