Goodwill Speech Topics

If you have been recruited to give a motivational speech to build goodwill for a company, there are many topics that will suit your purposes. In the business world, goodwill refers to the power that a business' reputation in the community adds to its value. It is impossible to place a dollar value on goodwill, but is invaluable when tough times hit and customers are choosing between businesses to patronize.

Organizational Growth

If you are speaking to members of an organization and are charged with helping that entity develop and improve over time, there are quite a few suitable topics. The importance of accomplishment, the crucial nature of attitude, the value of collaboration, the rewards of diligence and the payoffs of persistence are all topics that will benefit the company. Other topics that can help organizations include the power of optimism, the long-term rewards of stability, the foundational worth of reputation and the long-term rewards of sacrifice. These speeches will motivate members of an organization to increase their cooperation in bolstering companywide goodwill.

Personal Development

Are you addressing a company's employees with an eye toward helping them improve themselves as individuals? If so, such topics as the connections between self-discipline and self-esteem, the value of empathy and sympathy, the difference between entitlement and merit and the virtues of honesty are all useful. Other possible topics include ways to find contentment, learning to strike a balance between self-interest and self-reliance, the long-term power of hope and the best reasons to foster accountability. Individuals who have learned and mastered these principles will be better prepared to work toward building company goodwill.

Institutional Values

If the purpose of your speech is to help transform corporate culture, some topics that you might consider include maintaining an awareness of consumer rights, fostering inventiveness up and down the company ladder, cherishing the joys of teamwork and drawing the benefits of reliability. Some additional topics include keys for solving problems, coming to agreement, working as a team and emphasizing quality of individual and group work. This will help a company retain and even build goodwill when difficult times hit the organization.

Traditional Values

The benefits of philanthropy, the importance of protecting the environment and the difficulty of maintaining civility in times of controversy are all traditional values that will work well in a goodwill speech. Companies whose employees cherish ideas like these will impress the outside community and will build trust within their customer base.

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