What Kind of Character Is Judy Jones in "Winter Dreams"?

"Winter Dreams" is a fictional short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald that was published in 1922. The story follows the life of protagonist Dexter Green and his love affair with wealthy Judy Jones. They first meet when Green is a caddy at a golf club but reunite several times later in life, eventually leading to a broken engagement. Green can never get over Jones even though she eventually marries another man who is mean and abusive. Jones plays an important role in the short story but lacks character traits that make her likable or respectable.

Selfish, Compulsive and Dissatisfied

Jones is beautiful, spoiled and unhappy. Readers first get a glimpse into Jones' psyche when she attempts to strike her nanny with a golf club because she doesn't get her way. As a young adult, she has sexual encounters with many men. She uses her beauty and money to seduce her suitors. Even though she agrees to marry Green, she breaks off the engagement within a month. She doesn't want to lose her freedom and is obsessed with power and money. Jones is vain and insecure and feels entitled. As her beauty fades, she eventually ends up in a shallow, loveless marriage.