List of Easy Speech Topics

When speaking to an audience it's always important to make them feel engaged with the conversation. Giving a speech can be an honor but can also create a ball of nerves for some who aren't familiar with the manner of giving a speech. Picking an easy topic to talk about is usually the best approach for a new speaker: humor, personality, specific events, current topics, and culture are always engaging and easily covered topics.

Make it Personal

Let your personality shine with a humorous story from your past or present. Share a personal story, a funny moment with your children, a recent blind date, how you met your current significant other, or an embarrassing moment. These topics are sure to draw the attention of your audience.

A "How To" Speech

Sometimes it's best to explain a speech rather than create one. When telling a "How To" speech, be sure to research it; knowledge is key when choosing this angle of a speech. Good topics to start with are those that you are familiar with such as, "How to meet people," "How to deal with a break up," or "How to start your own company."

Go Political

Talking politics is always something that interests people. Use your current affairs knowledge and talk about recent news. Discussing new laws that have passed, elections or current affairs in the political world are always interesting topics. Adding humor iinto this type of speech is also an easy way to win a crowd. An engaging and enlightening speech will draw the attention you need for a success.

What Interests You

The key to a great speech is keeping your audience engaged. If you are excited about something, chances are they will be to. Look to your personal interests as a starting point for a great speech. Cars, personal hobbies, religion, movies, and the environment are always great topics.

Life in General

One of the best ways to pick a topic is to look at what surrounds you. If your audience is casual, go with humor and talk about celebrities or other interesting topics found in the daily news. If you're looking for a more professional approach, then always keep it light; talk about your views on society and culture. Think of your audience and their background: are they business people, are they students, or are they people looking for inspiration. Tailor your speech to them.