List of Magazines for Teen Males

While some teenage boys like to delve into novels and literature, others prefer the reading material often presented in magazines. Magazines require less free time to read and can be perused in any order. They are also less expensive to purchase than books and can be found in most public libraries. Popular magazines for teen males vary depending on the interests of the individual, though some publications seem to resonate more.

Video Game and Auto Magazines

"GamePro" is an electronic magazine read online that offers news and reviews in the world of video gaming. Nintendo and Sony PlayStation also have publications delivering news on upcoming games and brief previews. Both "Nintendo Power" and "PlayStation: The Official Magazine" come out once a month. "Car & Driver" magazine discusses what is going on in the auto world, and "Popular Mechanic" is great for tech-savvy teens who are into gadgets and devices.

Sports Magazines

"ESPN The Magazine" is a sports publication written by writers who work for the television network. The magazine covers multiple sports but focuses largely on professional football, baseball and basketball. "Sports Illustrated" is another popular sports magazine that specializes in covering the major sports. "Bassmaster" provides fishing news, features and tips. For teen boys who are into extreme sports, "Dirt Rider" discusses motocross competition, and "BMX Plus" covers BMX racing. "Transworld Skateboarding" focuses on skating competitions and techniques.

Music and Entertainment Magazines

"Rolling Stone" is a long-running magazine that offers stories on music, movies and other forms of entertainment. Each issue features album and movie reviews. "Alternative Press" offers news, reviews and feature stories regarding alternative and rock music. "Paste Magazine" details the news of the independent rock scene, and "Entertainment Weekly" focuses on movies, music, video games, books and more. "Listen" magazine delivers positive messages and news and stories about famous entertainers.

Humor and Lifestyle Magazines

"Mad" magazine comes out every two weeks and features jokes and humorous images. It is only appropriate for older teen males. "Men's Health" can serve as resource for teens looking into getting into better shape or entering the dating scene. "GQ" is a style magazine that details all of the latest fashions in men's clothing and gives dating advice for older teens.

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