What Are Some Car Magazines for Younger Children?

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Readers of car magazines are usually those old enough to actually drive. But the appeal and intrigue of cars extends to both the young and old. Whether influenced by their car-enthusiast parents or friends, hot rod programs on TV, or the Pixar movie "Cars," some children make a beeline to the car magazine section at the bookstore. A young car hobbyist in-the-making can find a magazine to satisfy his budding interest.

Hot Rod

Adults make up most of the subscription base of "Hot Rod Magazine," but the magazine may hold appeal for young adults and children who are intrigued by cars and hot rodding. A common periodical in the Young Adult section of libraries, "Hot Rod Magazine" offers information on classic cars and street rods, and technical articles on modifying automobiles for performance and appearance.

Roary The Racing Car

"Roary The Racing Car" magazine is based on the British animated television series. The cartoon also airs on PBS Kids Sprout in the United States. Subscriptions or individual issues can also be ordered for delivery to the United States. Designed for elementary school-age boys, it features stickers, posters, coloring and stories. It also includes a special pull-out workbook and a free gift with every issue.


"Cars Magazine" is based on the Pixar film of the same name. It is a comic story magazine for elementary school-age boys. About 30 pages in length, it offers puzzles, games, posters, coloring and other fun activities. "Cars Magazine" is out-of-print, but single issues are available for purchase on-line.

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