List of Poetry Publishers That Accept Submissions

Once you have written several poems, you might want to share those poems with the world by getting them published. Depending on what kind of poems you write, how many poems you have on hand and where you want them published, there are many options for getting your poetry out into the world and into the hands of readers.

Poetry Magazines

If you want to publish individual poems, there are many poetry magazines to choose from, depending on the kind of poetry you write. For literary poetry, print journals such as Crazyhorse, Agni and The Kenyon Review are all good choices. There are also many online literary poetry journals, such as Blackbird, Anderbo and The Diagram. If you write horror or other genre poetry, magazines such as The Gloaming or Danse Macabre would make a good fit.

Poetry Anthologies

In addition to magazines, poetry anthologies publish individual poems. Since poetry anthologies come out each year for different topics, it's impossible to make a current list, but searching the Duotrope publication search engine website for "anthologies only" poetry submissions can yield current anthologies.

Poetry Chapbooks

A chapbook refers to a small collection of poems, usually from 10 to 15 pages, that is put into a small collection and sold as a stand-alone volume. Publishers such as Beard of Bees Press (which produces online-only chapbooks), Parallel Press and Mud Luscious Press all accept poetry chapbooks.

Poetry Books

A poetry book collection generally has fifty pages or more. Some publishers that will publish an entire collection of poetry include Goldfish Press, Black Ocean Press, Copper Canyon Press and Lethe Press. Make sure to read the submission requirements before sending, as some presses accept work only during specific submission periods.

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