Macbeth Quotes

Why do people love William Shakespeare's Macbeth? Its engaging content consisting of royalty, ambition, and murder keep audiences on the edge of their seats. This work of literature has developed into a true legacy. As a result of its long lasting impact, Macbeth can be remembered by the following iconic lines.

Powerful Quotes

  • "You shall be king." (Act 1, Scene 111)
  • "A deed without a name." (Act IV, Scene 1)
  • "Infirm of purpose!" (Act 11, Scene 11)

Inspirational Quotes

  • "More is thy due than more than all can pay." (Act 1, Scene IV)
  • "The attempt and not the deed confounds us." (Act 11, Scene 11)
  • "Nothing is but what is not." (Act 1, Scene 111)

Violent Quotes

  • "Glamis hath murdered sleep, and there Cawdor shall sleep no more, Macbeth shall sleep no more!" (Act 11, Scene 11)
  • "It will have blood they say; blood must have blood." (Act, 11, Scene 11)
  • "Shake off this downy sleep, death's counterfeit, and look on death itself! Up, up, and see the great doom's image!" (Act 11, Scene 11)

Popular Quotes

“By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.”

act 4, scene 1

"Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!” - (Act IV, Scene 1)

"What's done cannot be undone." - (Act V, Scene 1)

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