How to Make an Annotated Bibliography on

Annotated bibliographies give additional information about sources used in a written work. Often, authors of annotated bibliographies evaluate the sources and elaborate on their usefulness as they contribute to a specific chapter or research section. is one of several online sites that make creating bibliographies simpler by compiling information into an online form and then formatting a bibliography that can then be downloaded into a variety of formats. Use to format your bibliography, then modify it by adding annotations to save time in creating an annotated bibliography.

Enter information from primary sources into At the top of the page, there are tabs for several types of sources, such as: "Website," "Book," "Newspaper," "Journal," and "Database." Enter in all of the information for the first source in each of the fields displayed. Click the "Autocite" button and type in only the name of the web page or book. Or, manually enter in all of the information including the title and date of publication. Click, "Autocite," and EasyBib will come up with a list of items that match your title. Select the appropriate version of the source used, then review the citation created by EasyBib to make sure it is correct.

Add an annotation to the citation. At the bottom and to the left of the box for entering bibliographic information, click, "Add Annotation." Type in an annotation with notes or a summary on the source and an evaluation of its credibility and usefulness. After adding the annotation, click "update citation" and then continue on to the next entry.

Save the citation, share it or print it as a Word document. Save the citation from the project page accessible from the "projects" tab at the top of the main page. Click the "Save as Google doc" button. Print the list of annotated bibliography entries by clicking the "Print as Word Doc" button. Email the citation list to a contact, or copy and paste it into another document. EasyBib also gives users the option to copy the bibliography's URL onto a social networking site.


EasyBib requires users to log in with either an EasyBib, Facebook, Google, Twitter or Yahoo account. Create one before creating an online bibliography with