What Is the Meaning of the Poem "I Never Saw a Moor"?

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"I Never Saw a Moor" is a brief and simple poem by Emily Dickinson. The poem conveys a powerful message about faith in its two stanzas and eight total lines. Dickinson says in the poem that despite the fact that she can't talk to God or see heaven, she knows they exist.

Meaning from Analogies

Dickinson uses analogies to present her point in the poem. In the opening stanza, the poet sets up her message by noting that she hasn't seen moorland personally but is familiar with what the "heather" flower looks like. Similarly, she is familiar with the "billow" despite never having seen the "sea." These examples preface the climax in the second stanza where she points out that she knows Heaven awaits though she has had no personal encounters with God or Heaven.


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