What Is The Meaning Behind Dreams About Ferrets or Weasels?

Ferret In Green Grass

What is the Meaning of Dreams About Ferrets or Weasels?

The symbolism of animals in dreams has been a part of many ancient cultures for millennia. Early religions' pantheistic nature led to a firm connection between man and earth and advanced the thought that dreams' mysticism blurred lines between humanity and spirituality. Dream analysis is still practiced, although results can be ambiguous. Have an open mind when analyzing a dream, so as not to be led down the wrong track with a dream meaning.

There can be meaning to having different animals or mammals in your dreams. Many people look to dream dictionaries for guidance into their meaning. These animals can be seen as power animals, totem animals and even symbols of good luck. They can symbolize loved ones, fearlessness, a comfort zone, waking life, certain keywords for your life and many other symbolic meanings. Mammals like badgers, ferrets and weasels are often seen as connecting symbols in dream meanings.

Weasels in Dreams

Weasel Symbolism

Dreams involving weasels carry different symbols and have numerous interpretations. A weasel in a dream can betray a secretive subconscious, it can highlight the person's loner characteristics or it can display a sly and cunning streak in the dreamer. Weasel dreams have been interpreted as a means trying to circumvent a problem through planning and cunning, rather than meeting the problem head on. Other symbols conjured by weasels in dreams include ruthlessness and ferocity and, conversely, maternal instinct.

Weasel Mysticism

Dream interpreters concede that a weasel is not always an animal that people wish to identify with, but it can be a positive thing. Spiritual author Ted Andrews identified dreams of weasels as a way of introducing a person's quieter and more thoughtful side. "Weasels awaken your innate ability for silent and secret observation," he writes. "They will show you the best techniques for circumventing trouble."

Ferrets in Dreams

Ferret Symbolism

Like the weasel, dreams of ferrets can have multiple and contradicting meanings. Ferrets are thought to display a wariness or distrust of others; however, they can also represent playfulness, cleverness or resourcefulness. The ambiguity of dreams with these creatures can mean that it is not always obvious whether the animal is telling you that you have too much of these attributes or not enough. Dream analysts advise you to observe the animal's actions in your dreams to deduce what the ferret represents. The dream of a ferret can represent a ferret spirit animal or ferret totem in symbolism studies.

Ferret Pun

Another interpretation of a ferret in a dream is far more specific. This interpretation refers to the slang verb form of the word ferret, which means to search. The slang term comes from the actions of ferrets searching for food; these creatures' quickly and methodically scan the ground in search of their target. Because of this pun on the "ferreting" verb, ferrets in dreams are often thought to represent that the dreamer is searching for something.

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