Good Adjectives for Women

Emmet Velton, in 1968, published a paper claiming that individuals who read a list of positive adjectives each morning have a more positive outlook on life. Karen Haye, a psychologist, confirmed these findings in 1980 with another experiment. As a result, psychologists today continue to examine the linkages between complimentary words and happiness. Being equipped with a slew of positive adjectives for women can help you boost the self-esteem of the women around you.

Physical Descriptors

Adjectives that describe women's physical stature should highlight her beauty, not render her as a sexual object. Terms such as "sexy," "hot" or "fine" may seem objectifying to women, because these words evaluate women in terms of their sexual function for men. There are many better and more uplifting adjectives for women, such as "beautiful," "stunning," "elegant," "pretty," "voluptuous," "attractive," "petite," "charming," "alluring," "gorgeous" or "fashionable."

Mental Compliments

Good adjectives for describing women should have a mental component, to emphasize a woman's mental power and wisdom. Words such as "intelligent," "enlightened," "ethical," "credible," "astute," "resolute" or "thoughtful" can bring about a positive response in women. Whether you're placing these words in a love poem or a psychological study, these terms help pinpoint a woman's educated and informed nature, which will make her feel good and confident.

Personality Traits

Mental traits refer to a woman's intellectual capacity, but personality traits refer to her disposition and character. In general, there are a series of traits that have been historically associated with women, such as "meekness," "shyness," "calmness," "temperance," "matronly" or "compliant." These terms may have a negative connotation today, because they stem from a patriarchal society's standard for women. Now that women are regarded as equals in society, they are described with a broader array of adjectives, such as "bravery," "strength," "compassion," "motivation," "humility," "meritorious," "harmonious," "artistic" or "devoted."

Unique Attributes

Some women may have a unique disposition that sets them apart from other women. You do not want to call them "weird" or "goofy," because these terms emphasize a person's strangeness or inability to fit in. Positive adjectives that highlight a person's uniqueness include these: "individual," one-of-a-kind," "remarkable," "noteworthy," "unmatched," "exceptional" and "unforgettable." Keep in mind that you can use more specific adjectives in pairs with these to describe what makes a woman specifically unique. For example, you could say she has remarkable and alluring eyes.

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