How to Reference a Brochure in APA Style

Updated July 21, 2017

In-Text Citation

If information from a brochure is included in the text of your writing, then you must use a citation. This may be done in two ways. The author's last name is contained within the text, and the brochure's publication year within parentheses. If the brochure does not indicate a specific author, the organization involved is included instead. The other option is to put both pieces of information inside parentheses, separated by a comma, such as "(Smith, 2013)".

Reference Page

Any citations in the text must be included on the references page at the end of your paper. For a brochure, the last name of the author is followed by a comma and initials. If there's no author, the involved organization is listed. The publication year is inside parentheses followed by a period. The italicized title of the brochure is in sentence case with a period. Next comes "[Brochure]", a period, the publication location, a colon, the name of the publisher and a period. If the organization has published the brochure itself, use "Author" in place of the publisher's name. For example: Smith, J. (2013). How to grow grass. [Brochure]. New York: Lawns International.

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