How to Reference a Report

When writing a paper, you always need to reference your sources. This should be done both in the body of the paper, and at the end, with a list of references. You want to be able to tell your reader what sources were used, and from what information you are building your research. This will be accomplished using a specific format, which should be mandated by the institution for which you are writing the paper.

How to Reference A Report

Begin writing a works cited page at the same time you begin writing your research paper. This will allow you to incorporate every source into the paper, and make sure you properly cite it at the same time. It should also save you time in the long run, as you won't have to go back, find all your sources, and then create a works cited page.

Start your report reference with the name of the author. This should be written last name, comma, first name, and make sure you capitalize both the first and last name. Put a period after the first name.

Write the title of the report in quotation marks. The title of the article should also end with a period, and make sure the period falls within the quotation marks.

Cite the name of the journal, if your report is found within a scholarly journal. This journal title should be underlined. Note, there is no period after the title of the journal. If your report does not come from a journal, skip to step 8.

Write the volume number of the journal, if one is given. The volume number is followed by a period.

Cite the issue and year of the journal the report comes from. This should be done in the day, month, year format. For example: 10 May 2008. Follow the year with a colon.

Cite the exact pages the report falls on within the journal. Page numbers are followed by a period.

Double check that your report citation looks similar to this: Author. "Title of Article." Title of Journal Volume. Issue Year: Pages.


Make sure you check your spelling for all references.


Ensure you use credible sources to incorporate into your paper.

For this article, I used MLA format. You may have to alter the format depending on what format your institution mandates.

Things You'll Need

  • MLA Handbook
  • Information About Report