How to Return Rodale Books

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If you’re unsatisfied with your book from Rodale, don’t eat the cost. Rodale offers a guarantee on all of their books. As a publisher of fitness, cooking, spirituality and health books, Rodale offers a wide selection of books and magazines. Rodale publishes magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Bicycling. Whether you’ve received the wrong book or are simply displeased with the content, returning books to Rodale is quick and easy.

How to Return Rodale Books

Visit your local UPS store, FedEx store or Post Office with your book. Pick out a package that fits the size of your book and place the book and the invoice or packing slip in the package. This will allow Rodale to credit your account when the book is received.

Address the package to Rodale for U.S. or for Canadian orders according to your location.

Rodale Books

33 E. Minor St.

Emmaus, PA 18098

Rodale Books

P.O. Box 924

Markham Station Main

Markham, Ontario L3P 0B9

Send the package and wait three to four weeks for Rodale to process the return. Occasionally you will receive a bill during your waiting period, which you should disregard.

Call or email customer service with any questions about your return. Call 800-848-4735 or 800-848-4735; or your can send an email to


  • If your book is damaged, Rodale may not accept the return or reimburse you.


  • Visit to fill out a return slip and receive a return label for your book.

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