How to Search with ISSN and ISBN Numbers

Updated February 05, 2018

Step 1

Go to the Library of Congress' online catalog at the following URL: http://catalog.loc.gov/ .

Step 2

Click the text at the top left side of the page that reads “Basic Search.”

Step 3

Click on the 13th choice down in the “Search Type” menu which reads “Number Search (LCCN-ISBN-ISSN).” This will allow you to search by ISSN or ISBN.

Step 4

Type your ISBN or ISSN in the field next to the text “Search Text” at the top of the page. Click the “Begin Search” button in the middle of the page once you have entered your ISBN or ISSN. You have now successfully searched with an ISSN or ISBN number.

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  • ISSN and ISBN numbers are usually found in publications wherever the publication has placed the copyright information. In periodicals, this may be within the masthead/staff listing. In books, this is often the page following the title page.

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