How to Source a Short Story in APA

Writers can publish short stories in collective books of their works, anthologies that include other writers' works, or on the Internet. As with any other source, the APA in-text citation for a short story gives the author's last name and year of publication with a comma between: (Gordimer, 2000). However, as explained in the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, the References entry differs depending on the type of source you use.


The references entry for a collection or anthology begins with the short story's author, last name, comma and first initial with a period. Give the collection's publication year in parentheses, followed by a period. Follow this with the story title, ending with a period but no other formatting or punctuation. Capitalize the first word and proper nouns only. Type "In" -- without quotation marks -- and the name of the editor, first initial followed by last name and "Ed." -- without quotation marks -- in parentheses. After a comma, write and italicize the title of the collection; capitalize the first word and any proper nouns. Put the page numbers for the short story in parentheses after "pp." -- without quotation marks -- followed by a period. Finally, write the city of publication, followed by a colon, and the publisher. End the reference a period. Here is an example of a reference in this format:

Gordimer, N. (2000). Once upon a time. In J. Smith (Ed.), Stories for bedtime (italicized) (pp. 144-157). New York: Penguin.


For a short story published on the Internet, follow the guidelines for a collection, but replace anthology title and pages with the italicized website name. Instead of the publisher information, type "Retrieved from" -- without quotation marks -- and the URL, with no ending punctuation, as in this example:

Gordimer, N. (2000). Once upon a time. In J. Smith (Ed.), Stories for bedtime website (italicized). Retrieved from