How to Transfer Ebooks to CD

To transfer your e-book to a CD-ROM, you need to save the e-book to a folder in your computer and download it to a CD-ROM via a CD burning software application. If your e-books are stored in your iPod or MP3 player, you need to download the e-book file from your handheld mobile device to your computer and save it to a file and then burn a CD. By storing your e-books on CD-ROM, you create a back-up as well as free up the storage space on your machines.

Instructions for PC's and Laptops
Use a blank CD-ROM.

Load a blank CD-ROM into your computer or laptop. Be sure to use a blank CD because you can only write files to a blank media CD-ROM.

Start CD-burning software.

Activate a CD-burning software application. If you don't have one, try Roxio or Nero, which are free programs, by navigating to either of their web pages and downloading the software online. You can also try another free CD burning software application by searching "free CD burning software" online.


Select the "Data" option on your CD-burning software application program or it may not burn correctly.

Select the files to burn to a CD.

Click the "Add Files" button in your CD-burning software application. You will see a window asking you to select the files you wish to burn on the CD.

Store CDs in protective case.

Highlight the e-book files you wish to transfer to CD and then click the "Burn" button in the CD-burning software application. Once the burning process is complete, remove the CD from your computer.

Instructions for Kindle, iPhone, and MP3
E-books on hand-held devices

Download an e-book from Kindle for iPhone application.

Back up your iPhone

Open iTunes and back up your iPhone.

Download iPhone back-up extractor.

Download a free copy of iPhone back-up extractor from an online open source by searching "free iPhone back-up extractor." Run the back-up software and have it analyze your back-up.

Storing e-books via Kindle and iPhone

Navigate through Application > > Documents > eBooks.

Transfer e-books from your PC to CD.

Choose a book with a PRC extension and choose "Next". The book you chose will then be automatically downloaded to your computer and it can be transfered to CD using the computer steps.

  • A CD-ROM can only record up to 700 MB of data or 80 minutes of audio. Test your CD when finished to make sure it burned properly by inserting into your computer disk drive to view or listen to what you have recorded.
  • Be sure to check copyright laws if you are making replica CDs of an e-book that you did not write.
Items you will need
Computer with CD-ROM
Blank CD-ROM
CD burning software application
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