Types of Letters

There are various types of letters, which are written correspondences between people, businesses, employers, employees and others. The type of letter written sets the tone or format that is used. If writing a thank-you letter, appreciation is shown, whereas a letter of resignation can be negative or positive, depending on the circumstances.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is generally written on the behalf of someone, such as a prospective student or employee. The person writing the letter has been chosen, because he is viewed as a prominent or influential individual. The letter typically lists the values, strengths, qualities and other positive characteristics of a person. The writer of the letter shows why the person being recommended deserves whatever the recommendation is concerning, such as being accepted to the school, hired for a job, accepted to an organization, let out of trouble, and so on.

Letter of Resignation

Someone writing a letter of resignation is typically resigning from a position, title, school, organization and so on. The letter of resignation details why the person is leaving, such as illness, personal issues, better opportunities or unfair working conditions. The letter of resignation states the time when a person will be stepping down from the position, which could be immediately or two weeks from the date the letter was submitted. The letter has to be addressed to the appropriate manager or representative.

Thank-You Letter

When a person writes a thank-you letter, it is to do just that, thank the recipient. The thank you could be for an act of kindness. If students receive private scholarships and grants, it is not required but considered common courtesy to send the sponsor or donor a thank-you letter. Thank-you letters show the person who did something in your favor or to your liking that she is appreciated.

Acceptance and Denial Letters

Whenever a person applies to a college or university, for a checking or banking account, for a credit card and so on, he will await an acceptance or denial letter. The acceptance letter states that the person has been accepted into the school or approved for the account, and typically begins with "congratulations." In contrast, a letter of denial typically begins with "after careful consideration." A letter of denial encourages the person to continue on and wishes the person luck, or that he should try back at a later time.

Letter of Intent

When athletes choose the college or university they will be intending, a letter of intent is signed. There are specific dates as to when an athlete may sign a letter of intent. The NCAA allows student athletes to verbally announce where they are going to college at anytime. However, the NCAA has specific dates that a student can begin signing a letter of intent, such as Nov. 11, 2009, for 2010-11 students. A student or college is not legally bind until a letter of intent has been signed by the student.