How to Word Invitations to a Whiskey Tasting

Individuals, businesses, clubs and even charitable organizations can hold whiskey tastings as a way to have fun, socialize, raise money or increase an understanding of and appreciation for distilled liquor. How your invitation is worded depends on who you are and who's invited. Hosting a casual tasting for friends calls for an informal invitation, whereas inviting guests, clients and club members as a business or organization calls for formal wording, clear presentation and an orderly RSVP method.

Step 1

Determine a time, location and purpose for your whiskey-tasting event. Decide how many people you will invite and whether or not your invitation is open to the public.

Step 2

Begin your invitation as though it were an announcement. Centered along the top of the page, a few lines down, write something like: "Smithview's First Whiskey Tasting Event"

Step 3

Follow your announcement of the event with an invitation for the recipient to attend. Skip a few lines and write something like: "You are invited to join us for an evening of fine whiskey tasting."

Step 4

Skip a line and centered as a block on information in the middle of the page, provide the time, date and location of the whiskey tasting as follows:

"The Smith Household (or Tavern Bar or wherever the event is being held)

1234 Smith Street

Smithview, ST 11111

Friday, March 18, 2011

7 - 10 p.m."

Step 5

Include any costs at which whiskeys will be sampled and RSVP information beneath the event information block. Include a deadline for responding and phone number or e-mail address to send replies to.

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