How to Write a Bible Bibliography

When writing a paper or other piece of literature in which you used the Bible as a source, it is sometimes necessary to include it in the bibliography. Since this book is unlike most other books, it can cause confusion as to how to properly cite it. However, the style for a Bible citation is much the same as any other book. As long as you have all of the important information, such as the Bible edition, editors and publication information, you have everything you need to include it in the bibliography.

Write the edition of the Bible. For this example, we will use the New International Version Bible.

Write the names of any editors associated with your particular version. For this example, we will use John Smith as the name of an editor. At this point, the bibliography reads "New International Version. Ed. John Smith."

Write the publication information, including the city in which it was published, the name of the publisher and the year it was published. For this example, we will say it was published in Chicago by Sunset Publishing in 1997. The final product in this example reads, "New International Version. Ed. John Smith. Chicago: Sunset Publishing, 1997."


When writing the edition of the Bible, make sure you either underline or italicize it.