How to Write a Bibliography for a Poem

Usually, you will find poems in anthologies. They are referenced in research papers according to format guidelines for an anthology. The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is typically the format required for research papers in English and humanities classes. Properly cite any poems you use in the bibliography according to MLA guidelines unless otherwise instructed by your professor or teacher.

Write down the author of the poem you are citing in your bibliography. You will want to write the last name first, followed by a comma. Then, add the last name followed by a period.

Example: Dibbins, Mary.

In quotation marks, add the title of the poem you are citing. Follow it with a period.

Example: "The Art of Citing Poetry."

Add the title of the entire anthology that contains the poem you are citing. The book title should be underlined and followed by a period.

Write "Ed." to signify the editor of the anthology. Follow it with the editors first and last name. The editor will be listed on the cover of the anthology. End the name with a period.

Add the publication information for the anthology. This would be the publisher and copyright year separated by a comma and ended with a period.

Example: Oxford Press, 2009.

Add the page numbers where the information you are citing is found.

Finished example: Dibbins, Mary. "The Art of Citing Poetry." The Anthology (underlined). Ed. Jay Higgins. Oxford Press, 2009. 222-29.

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