How to Write a Children's Minister Resume

According to, a minister is a person how leads or conducts worship and other faith-based activities. A children’s minister is considered a part of the clergy. A resume for a children’s minister should highlight the spiritual credentials as well as their education in the field.

Step 1

Center your name, address, telephone number and email address at the top of the page, all on separate lines, and highlight your name in bold. Highlight each category title from throughout each step that follows.

Step 2

Type "Objective” on the next line, and align it to the left of the page. An objective explains your goals as a children’s minister in one to two phrases. Your objective should be brief, simple and concise, yet it should provide enough information that the potential employer will be able to quickly identify the person applying for the position (you) with the requirements they have for the position. An example of a children’s minister objective would be “To lead children in the faith by teaching them the essentials of the faith in a way they can comprehend.”

Step 3

Press "Enter," type "Education,” and then list the college you attended, the type of degree you earned, and the year you graduated. Also include any Bible or theology schools, seminars or other educational training, especially those that pertain to children’s ministry.

Step 4

Press "Enter," and type "Ordination and Qualifications." Press "Enter" again and then list the place, city and state and year in which you were ordained. Press "Enter," then press the "Bullet" icon and list the qualifications you have pertaining to being a children’s minister. This is the section in which you would list your years of experience and the detailed training you have for this position. Some examples of qualifications include a 6-year mission trip to feed hungry children in Africa, spending time teaching the faith in Sunday school, and 2 years of experience with child counseling.

Step 5

Press "Enter," and type "Work Experience." List your past work experience chronologically, including the name of the place where you worked, the position you held and the dates in which you held the position/ Describe your responsibilities and duties for each position.

Step 6

Press "Enter," and type "Honors." List any special honors you have had as a children's minister. Some examples include memberships in faith-based organizations and other activities. Press "File" and "Save" to save your resume.

Things You'll Need

  • word processing program
  • computer