How to Write a Congratulation Letter to Honor Students

A letter of congratulations is a considerate way to acknowledge the accomplishments of an honor student. Writing a congratulatory letter praises a student's achievements and inspires her to keep up with her current level of work. Following a few specific guidelines will help you write a letter that honors students' achievements and provides positive reinforcement that encourages students to work hard.

Plan to send your letter soon after the honor student's accomplishment. Finish the letter and send it in a timely manner. Lagging on sending the letter makes the congratulations seem less sincere.

Type your address in the upper right corner of the letter. If you are writing on behalf of the student's school or another organization, use that address instead of your own. Type the student's address one line below your address, on the left side. Type the date of the letter two lines below the student's address.

Begin the body of letter by explaining the purpose of your writing the student. Reference the student's achievement directly without being vague. For example, you can write, "I want to extend my congratulations on your 4.0 GPA."

Continue the letter by further praising the student. Express your approval of her accomplishments and the significance they hold. If appropriate, include your personal experiences. Relate them to the student's accomplishments. Keep the length of the letter to one page.

End the letter by restating your original congratulations. Add a wish of future success and good luck.

Type your closing to the letter two lines under the body. Use a remark such as "Best Wishes," or "Yours Truly." Place a comma after the remark.

Type your full name four lines under the closing of the letter. Sign your signature above your name.


Be sincere in your congratulations and praise without over-complimenting. Keep your praise simple and direct.


Proofread your letter before sending it.

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