How to Write an Educational Report

Educational reports cover a variety of topics, from feedback about a teaching session to reports on the need for additional classrooms and resources. Regardless of the topic of your educational report, you want to make it logical and understandable so your reader sees why you are making certain recommendations. Crafting an educational report becomes easier when you break it down into steps and present your findings in order.

Step 1

Contextualize the topic of your educational report. Before you begin writing, think about your audience and what they need to know to understand your educational report. This can be done in two or three sentences, as it is an overview, with the details coming later.

Step 2

Introduce your topic details and indicate your developmental plans for addressing the issues. In each section of your educational report, cover the five "Ws:" who, what, when, where and why. Define any terms your reader may not understand.

Step 3

Use a top-down formula. Start with the most important points you want to cover in your educational report and then move to topics of lesser concern. When you change ideas, start a new paragraph.

Step 4

Draft your report in easy-to-understand English. Vary your sentence length and don’t use a big word when a small one will do.

Step 5

Read your educational report aloud. Listen to how it sounds in terms of professional tone. Put yourself in your reader’s place and assess how you would receive the information. Edit accordingly.

Step 6

Polish your educational report. Leave your report for a day or so and then return to it with fresh eyes. Correct any typing or grammar mistakes. If you have concerns, ask a colleague with good editing skills to review your report.

Step 7

Attach any relevant information, such as technical reports on facilities or conference programs that supports your educational report.

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