How to Write Entertainment Articles

Entertainment is a very broad term. The "entertainment industry" usually refers to celebrities, music, movies and television. Entertainment can also mean video games, DVDs, books and other pastimes that amuse us and keep us occupied. In order to write a good entertainment article or review, research the topic fully to provide factual information about your subject.

Review Your Favorite Book, Movie or Video Game

Become intimately familiar with the sources of entertainment about which you plan to write. This could include reading a book, watching a movie or playing a video game several times until you know the plot points inside out.

Take notes on the item you are reviewing while you are using it, so you do not forget certain details before you write your review. This can include the appropriate age group for the material, the quality of graphics on a video game and the type of extra features included on a DVD.

Write a brief summary of the basic storyline so that readers will be intrigued with the book, game or movie and want to experience it themselves. Avoid giving away surprise endings.

Tell the readers why you think certain sections of the material were good and why other areas did not work. Use language that supports your position, such as "the actress did not bring enough emotion to the role," rather than "I hate this actress."

Research previous works by the same author, director or creator. Draw comparisons to the current work to give the reader a feeling for how the material you are reviewing fits into a larger scheme. Many readers of book reviews, for example, like to see how a new book compares to the author's previous titles.

Be consistent with your formatting of punctuation. Find out if the publication you write articles for prefers a particular format.

Write About Your Favorite Celebrity

Gain access to an interview with the celebrity you want to write about. Unless you are already an established entertainment writer, this is very difficult to do. Personal interviews are a key factor in securing factual information about a person in the entertainment world.

Research biographical information about your entertainment personality's life. Many well-known entertainers have had their biographies published. Information obtained from authorized biographies is more likely to be accurate than that from unauthorized accounts.

Watch the subject of your entertainment article on television talk shows, especially if she is promoting an upcoming movie. This is a good source for information if you cannot conduct a personal interview.

Determine what angle you are going to use for your article. Like feature articles, entertainment pieces need to have a narrow focus. Write about a humanitarian issue you know the celebrity is involved in, for instance, and how he is helping the cause.

Use the notes you have gathered to form an outline for your article. Outlining a large task helps make it seem smaller and easier to handle.

Write out a rough draft of your article, knowing that you can edit it later. Concern yourself with getting the facts down on paper and worry about fixing typos and smoothing transitions later.

Proofread, check your facts and correct any mistakes in your writing as you prepare the final draft of your entertainment article.

Be very careful about making accusations or implications about a celebrity's behavior or intentions in entertainment articles. Libel, defined as the defamation of character in a printed source, is a serious offense that can lead to legal action taken against you.

Things You'll Need

  • Copies of specific movies, video games or books
  • Gaming system
  • DVD player
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