How to Start a News Channel

Provided you have the capital and media industry connections, you can start your own commercial news channel and broadcast to thousands. However, if you're just starting out and are on a limited budget, finding other ways to get started in the news broadcast business isn't that difficult, especially with Internet access and public access channels. Start a news channel and gain the experience and reputation needed to succeed in media.

Explore media avenues. Realize that the Internet and blogs dominate news delivery today. Choose your format and think about bringing news to the public via more than one format. Know that cable public access television channels are usually free for participants as long as the required training is completed successfully. Start a news channel at your university, college or high school as another option. Exploit public radio, television and Internet for news coverage, reporting and broadcasting.

Sign up for your own channel with such websites as "" or discover other Internet television (ITV) sites, such as "Operator11" and "ManiaTV," which offer live television services and live ITV set up. Subscribe to create a television network. Realize that some ITV sites offer user "channels" and other ITV sites offer user "networks." Follow site directions for setting up your live ITV channel or network once becoming a subscriber.

Develop your own news website, such as an authority site or expert blog to draw in a crowd of news junkies. Write about world events, politics and other news while you direct visitors to your news channel. Start a news channel related to your web site.

Check out your local public access television station. Take the required training to create your own show and start a news channel. Produce your own news show for free until you gain the necessary viewership and experience to grow a commercial news channel. Volunteer at local public radio stations and start a news channel. Take advantage of the free airtime and existing listener base.

Ask appropriate school officials about starting a news channel at local schools, colleges and universities. Keep in mind that you don't always have to be a student to get a news program started, but it helps. Recruit student volunteers to run the news station.

Realize what the policies of ITV companies are before subscribing and starting your own news network or channel. Understand local, state and national laws and keep them in mind when producing shows. Be aware of FCC regulations. Secure your home studio and equipment; stop someone else from going live via your news network or channel without your knowledge.

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