How to Write an Essay on the Importance of Forgiveness

Updated April 17, 2017

Step 1

Tell a story within the body of the essay. Start with giving the reader some background about the situation, and then develop how the story of forgiveness begins along with the end result. Storytelling is an effective writing technique, especially stories of forgiveness because readers can recount similar occurrences in their past. People will remember stories much longer than facts or figures. Details add spice to the writing, making a story flavorful and interesting.

Step 2

Draw on the very real and very human emotion that is part of the story of forgiveness. Use conflict and describe how the emotion of the conflict developed throughout the situation. Explain the conflict resolution and how emotional elements played out until the end. Describe how the emotion affected the situation and how it either changed or affected the future of the relationship.

Step 3

Teach a lesson that serves a purpose. End the essay by telling the reader what the writer learned as a result of the lesson in forgiveness. Tell the reader how the lesson impacted you and how you plan to make changes in the future.

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