How to Write a Holiday Story

Writing a holiday story is a way to explain an old tradition or create a new one. You can also use a holiday story to share funny holiday memories or treasured childhood memories. Write a story you know well, but try adding slight exaggeration for extra fun.

Keep your holiday story short; it doesn't have to be a novel. Short stories are just as entertaining and can pack in a lot of history.

Keep the subject of your holiday story to things and people you're familiar with. You'll find it easier to create the flow of your holiday story if you write about something that's close to your heart.

Use your own memories. Children love to hear stories about what their parents were like as kids. Think back to your favorite holiday memories and write a holiday story about that time.

Take some liberties with the truth. You may never have set ****y traps in an attempt to catch Santa as he came down the chimney. But if you thought about it when you were a kid, write your holiday story about what would have happened if you'd tried.

Use your holiday story to memorialize family members who have passed on, to keep their spirit alive.

Create a holiday story to explain new family traditions. This is a good way to help kids adjust if you change the way you celebrate holidays due to a change in your family situation or a relocation.

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